Notations On Our World: #Canada Votes.....(With Updated Comments on Results)

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We have been assessing the results out of Canada and this was the immediate results as  we went to press courtesy of the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.     It is the general consesus of all Canadian broadcasters that The Liberal Party of Justin Trudeau will form the next Canadian Government.

It is quite stunning how the Liberal Party led by Justin Tredeau has swept Canada and will form the Next Canadian Government denying Stephen Harper a 4th consecutive mandate.    Justin Trudeau has pledged to pull back Canada's involvement in the Anti-Isis coailitoin and recommit to climate change--which will bode ill for the Keystone Cheering Squad in the United States.

It is quite a night for Canada as "Trudeaumania" has swept the entire country.   It began with Atlantic Canada as two Harper Cabinet Ministers went down to defeat and it continued.      This is as The Prime Minister-Elect and his Wife and his young son watched the results:

FedElxn Liberals 20151019

It is such a stunner how the NDP's status dissipated in such a dramatic way as it did.    The Guardian just published this on The Canadian Prime Minister elect which is quite a read and available here for reference.    The final two  sentence of the article is telling of his eulogy of his father, former Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau, as he noted, "...“We knew we were the luckiest kids in the world. And we had done nothing to actually deserve it.“It was instead something that we would have to spend the rest of our lives to work very hard to live up to.”    From our standpoint, it is clear that he has as he works to take on the leadership of Canada.....

(Update:   The New Count for the number of seats by the Liberals is 184.   The win is nationwide as Liberals have made headway in the West--including British Columbia.   Stephen Harper will be resigning as the Leader of the Conservatives, but NDP leader Tom Muclair has decided to stay on despite having presided over a collapse on NDP support...)

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