The Daily Struggle For Our World (Cont'd....)

Well, another interesting day is behind us. Elliot Spitzer did the right thing by resigning. I can't believe someone who's as smart, educated and able as he is got himself in such a predicament. This is especially so in light of all the enemies he had made for himself over the years. But, as Joe Bruno said, the business of the State of New York has to go on. And let it be so....

Now, halfway around the world, the fight for Afghanistan goes on. A suicide bomber just struck, killing five people. Yet, George W. Bush said in a speech to a group of the Amen Crowd about how his decision to attack Iraq was the "right" decision. What he did, by default, was to hand Iraq to Iran. In the meantime, Afghanistan burns and the Taliban become ever more resurgent. In addition, Pakistan is now unstable and continues to burn as well. Juan Cole (http://www.juancole.com) continues to report on the violence in Iraq daily. Yet, John McCain & the Administration continue to feed us this "happy talk" about how things are great. When Admiral Fallon resigned, it spoke volumes about the level of disagreement about Iraq & Iran policy. How long this hypocrisy continues is beyond me....The people seem not to matter...do they?
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