Here He Goes, Again!!!

Earlier tonight, I read in a posting on radiofarda.com that John Bolton is advocating a military strike on Iran. Will this man ever learn? Isn't the mess he helped create in Iraq enough for a generation? Now, The Foreign Minister of Iraq is joining the chorus of building up the case for attack on Iran.

The Government of Iran is not the issue. The issue is whether such an attack will further destablize the region. My problem is that John Bolton and his crowd just don't understand that Iran is not Iraq. I don't think they understood Iraq, anyway. These guys listened to a bunch of self-centered charlatans who ended up creating the biggest foreign policy blunder this country has ever witnessed. One recent impact of this misadventure is Burma. Because of this blunder, a whole generation of Burmese will have to potentially live with a brutal, corrupt military dictatorship because our moral legitimacy has suffered greatly as a result of the misadventures at hand.
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