Notations On Our World: On the Virtual Beat w/the US Elections on @realDonaldTrump & Other Thoughts.....

The Trump juggernaut has continued.     Mr. Trump had a statement in Florida on the occasion of his wins as he also made sure that his embattled Campaign Manager got center stage too after a recent controversy regarding the Campaign Manager having been in a scuffle with a Briebart.com Reporter.  It was also interesting how he noted that despite all the negative forces arrayed against him, he still won.   The problem is still that over 60% of the Republican Electorate has voted against him as he called for unity in the party.   

As we went to press, Governor Kasich has won his home state of Ohio.    Missouri was too close to call.  But,  what we deemed "Super Dopper Tuesday" has underscored that the Trump train appears unstoppable as he has also won North Carolina and Illinois having tapped into the very nature of the disaffected that seem to help drive  her candidacy.        He has also won North Carolina and Illinois.   What some refer to as the "Delegate math" is continuing to so far work in his favor.

As Trump won, Marco Rubio dropped out.   This came out from his campaign:

Tonight, Marco reminded us why we’ve been working so hard to help him win this election, and while the results tonight weren’t what we had hoped for, we’re all very proud of Marco.



As we went to press, Hillary Clinton won Florida, North Carolina, Ohio and Illinois.   She continues her march on to the nomination.   The path to the nomination is pretty much blocked for Senator Sanders as Senator Sanders will apparently win Missouri.   Senator Sanders' campaign will continue for a while though to follow through on the message of Equality and change.       Our team has found it especially of note as Mr. Trump has noted how  he has not even begun on Hillary Clinton yet.

We find it fun to be witness to history....

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