Notations On our World: On #SOTU & Beyond (4th in a Series)

President Obama's State of the Union had four interesting questions he posed. It focused on securing a viable future, Technology , being safe while not being the World's Policeman while calling for a transformation of the political debate. On the 4th pillar of his comments, it was interesting how the discourse we've featured over the past 24 hours is yet to be realized. Trump went after Governor Haley as he noted how he had "paid her loads of Campaign Cash" and now how weak she is--this is as we featured some of the comments courtesy of the Washington Post that was reported earlier. It was also of note that Justice Alito, Justice Thomas and Justice Scalia were not at the event. This is as the campaigns are on a mad dash to get ready for Iowa. On a side note, Oil dropped to below $ 30 a Barrel and the Stock Markets have been taking a tumble--which will also be a focus of us over the ensuing weeks as earnings season gets under way.

It was again of note of #SOTU 2016 (The President's Last State of hte Union), we wanted to feature the view from the Conservatives (as noted in a recent edition of the Heritage Foundation's The Daily Signal): 

The surprising reason this congressman walked out of the State of the Union. Rep. Steve King walked out of the U.S. House chamber minutes before Obama's speech, leaving his chair on the House floor empty. He also left hisguest gallery seat open.
President Obama outlined his agenda. Here's what conservatives have on theirs. Sen. Mike Lee, R-Utah, and Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, outlined the policy issues conservatives plan to pursue in 2016. The Daily Signal's Philip Wegmann has the story.
House Republicans are not backing down from "criminal intent" addition to prison reform debate. "I think a deal that does not address this issue is not going anywhere in the House of Representatives," said Rep. Bob Goodlatte, Judiciary Committee chairman.
What we're reading: "Is it any wonder that voters are angry and restive?" That's the question Heritage Foundation senior fellow Mike Gonzalez asks the day after President Obama’s final State of the Union address. Gonzalez says the presidential campaign comes at the right moment in history: It brings to an end the Obama experiment and offers an opportunity to refocus on assimilation in America. Read more at National Review.

As we were "on the prowl",  this was the view from the Hillary Clinton Campaign.  The Democrats were also on a fundraising push of the email that was released by Speaker Ryan's Office that we reported on earlier: 
Hey -- are you watching the State of the Union? It’s incredible when you think about how much we’ve accomplished over the last 7 years, from the Affordable Care Act, to ending two wars, to last week’s actions to expand background checks and prevent gun violence.

We have so much progress to protect -- and so much work still to do. We know that Hillary is the right successor to protect and build on President Obama’s legacy, and we think everyone else should know it, too. Spare a share?




- Jess

P.S. The State of the Union would look and sound a little different from a Republican President -- follow along and retweet at @TheBriefing2016!

As we went to press, this was sent out by the Rubio Campaign as they gear up for their debate later on this evening:
Marco Rubio

$100,000 in 24 hours. That's the goal our campaign has set out to raise before tomorrow night's debate.

 will you chip in $24 right now to help us get there? 

      >>> Chip in $24 >>>     

Tomorrow night all eyes will be on me. You see, all of my opponents know that our campaign is the biggest threat to their success. They know that we are garnering the support of more Americans every minute, and they are going to throw every attack possible our way to see us defeated.

I need your help to fight back. I'm emailing you today because if we are able to raise $100,000 before I step on the debate stage, it will send a strong message to my opponents and the media as well that we're going to win this thing.

We have 24 hours before the debate begins. Will you chip in before it does?


I know the next eleven months are going to be grueling but our nation is worth it. I wouldn't be doing this if I didn't truly believe that our nation deserves a better leader.

I know that with your urgent help today, we will be successful in November and finally take our nation back.

I hope I can count on you before I step on the debate stage tomorrownight.

Marco Rubio
Marco Rubio
Republican Candidate for President

P.S. Time is running out. Tonight I'm completing my final preparations fortomorrow's debate, and I need to know I have your support. In fact, I've asked my Campaign Manager to send me an updated list of supporterstonight so I can review it before I hit the hay. I hope I'll see your name on that list.

      >>> Chip in $24 >>>     

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