Notations On Our World: A "V-Thought" 4 the Week & A Snapshot On Business Trends (Courtesy Fortune)

Our team wanted to begin by sharing this "V-Thought" courtesy of the team at Bing

We wanted to feature this because of the beauty and majesty that our World represents.   All of us need to remember that as we continue to assess our World and as we work to live up to our mission to "Work to Transform Our World One Notation at a time".

Fortune's Heather Clancy (One of our Daily Must Reads), published her Data Sheet recently that had an interesting compliation of Trends which we wanted to report on: 
$100 billion and counting. That's the aggregate value of mergers and acquisitions driven by a frenzy of consolidation this year among semiconductor companies. (Wall Street Journal)
So much for that U.S.-China pledge to halt corporate cyber-espionage. Since late September, there have been at least seven attempted breaches on U.S. businesses linked to Chinese hackers, according to security firms on the watch. (Reuters)
Huawei will spend $1 billion to build cloud computing business. The Chinese telecommunications company will help businesses develop and test applications that run on its computing-on-demand services. (Journal)
Two more high-level Yahoo departures. BloombergBusiness reports that corporate development officer Jacqueline Reses is leaving to take a similar position at IPO-bound Square. Plus, it looks like the Internet giant has also bid adieu to its senior vice president of marketing partnership, Lisa Licht. (BloombergBusiness, Re/code)
Eye-opening Pinterest growth ambitions. The visual social network isprojecting about $150 million in revenue this year, according to documents obtained by news service TechCrunch. Within three years, however, it is shooting for $2.8 billion. (TechCrunch)
One big threat to Netflix's international expansion. Potential subscribers outside the United States can already get some of its most valuable content elsewhere. (New York Times)
Patent scorecard. It's official: Apple owes the University of Wisconsin $234 million for using its microchip technology in iPhones and iPads without permission. An appeal is expected. Meanwhile, Google prevailed in its defense of the latest lawsuit brought against it by licensing firm SimpleAir. Here, too, an appeal is anticipated. (Reuters, Ars Technica)


5 important predictions about business technology spending
Spending on business technology is expected to rise 6.7% to $2.1 trillion by 2017 compared with last year, according to a Barclay's research report released late last week. It's music to the ears of some technology companies, but not all of them. Companies are expected buy more business software, for example. But they're losing their appetite for hardware gear like data storage appliances and personal computers, according to the report. Read on for what you should know.

Our team has been on the prowl on this as we hope to "pierce" some of the trends throughout Outsiders and as we work on the transition to Outsiders 2.x.

Interesting times.....
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