Notations On Our World: As The Iran Deal Goes Into Effect......

Today is a milestone for the Iran Deal.   The deal has entered the implementation phase as we noted in our Daily Twitter Curation earlier as President Obama ordered the lifting of sanctions.   The next key milestone is the reporting by the +International Atomic Energy Agency On Iran's compliance.

Although Iran is expecting a tourism Tsunamin, there are travel advisories that are in effect from the UK, The United States, France, Australia and Switerzland on Travels to Iran.  They are cautioning against Travel to the Border areas with Pakistan and Afghanistan.   Afghanistan is especially troublesome as the resurrent Taliban has begun a concerted campaign to take back cities. 

The United Kingdom has also not limited its' travel advisories to Iran as outlined above.   There is of course Turkey as it continues to Battle the PKK and deal with the Syrian Refugees as noted in this map below:

قسمت ایرات سایت وزارت امور خارجه استرالیا به شهروندانش توصیه می کند که به مرز ایران با افغانستان، پاکستان و عراق در هیچ صورت سفر نکنند و و برای سفر به باقی مناطق ایران تجدیدنظر کنند.

This was the latest From Australia as it noted that even Istanbul and Anakara may be subject to attack and the advisory has been to avoid the red areas and use extreme caution when traveling in the Orange areas:

It is ever so challenging as the Middle East burns.

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