View of the Week: Reflections on #IranTalks (With Commentary by Guest Columnist Annahita Mahdavi)

We here @ #Outsiders have been assessing the aftermath of the Israeli Prime Minister's speech.    As the entire world has come to basically disregard the Prime Minister's Speech (and as we noted here yesterday that in fact progress has been made) unless one consulted the Murdoch-Owned Media Properties.

What we found especially unfortunate is that HuffPost Live featured an Iranian Actor who somehow was portrayed to convey the wishes and aspirations of the Iranian Diaspora-that is one of the most successful immigrants in the World.  Our Guest Columnist, Annahita Mahdavi, underscored this in her eloquent commentary on Facebook  which we are pleased to feature here.  Our Team here @ #outsiders was frankly surprised that the so-called "Shahs of Sunset" was even on the Air!!!    

Hollywood is famous for producing some of the world's master pieces in the art of films, but also is notorious for producing some of the world's worst and awful productions too, including the reality shows. Now, what scares me in not the reality shows themselves, although they are such insult to human intelligent, but the scary part is the fans! And the the demand on those shows, and how they are insult to human dignity, but are taken well and bringing high ratings. 

This show, the shahs of sunset, is another example of the shallow culture of Hollywood. It portrays the culture of a specific group that do NOT at all applies to the whole group. Iranian immigrants just like any other groups 0if immigrants are multi-Cultural, but as a whole, Iranians are an intelligent, educated, kind and hardworking community. And after all, based on the social sciences, there are Macro and Micro levels of cultural behavior in all nations among specific communities and in general. This person who plays Reza on the show, just stated that bombing of Iran is not only necessary but something that Iranian people ask for!! I wonder if he has ever been in Iran? I wonder if he has ever read ONE page of any book written on Iranian political, social, cultural book(s)? Please my dear fellow Iranians who are very insulted with his comments, remember that his comments come from his deep illiterate core of the view he has towards the world. His world summons up in his universe called : Beverly Hills!! 

As for the wonderful intellectual American friends who have called or messaged me about to make sense of his comments, I have only one thing to tell you: This show and all people involved in it, is another version of jersey shore, remember? As no one should generalize the American people and culture by that show, so is the case with this one. Every culture has one or two Snooki!! And as the saying goes: Stupid is as stupid does... 
Annahita Mahdavi
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