Meanwhile...in Geneva.....

The negotiations are continuing and Iran's Foreign Minister, Dr. Zarif,  sat down with NBC's Ann Curry: 

It was striking how he debunked all key points by Israel's Prime Minister.   What is also  quite striking is that the interview was featured as a headline on the Islamic Republic Agency Website.   What was also striking was how Dr. Zarif had a ready response for Ayatollah Khameini's Tweet on the frustruation with Israeli Policy.     IRNA has also been busy underscoring the rift that has been developed with what is perceived as a Campaign Stunt in Israel featuring commentary from the State Department spokesman, Jane Tsaki--who's been named to be White House Communications Director.   

Based on what is at hand, the broad framework for a deal is close.    Let's see what the next few days entail especially as the Iranian New Year is also at hand.      This is as the great Jon Stewart of  +The Daily Show told it like it is: 

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