Notations From Our World: On #NetanyahuSpeech, #Iran & #Palestine

The Prime Minister of Israel finished his speech to a Joint Session of the US Congress.    It was full of praise for President Obama as he began.  He thereafter went through his own views on why he thinks the deal with Iran is a bad deal.    He cited the story of Esther (even though he selectively forgot to note that Esther was a  Persian/Iranian Jewish Woman) .  He did not mention Cyrus the Great and his role.   He talked about the Hostage Crisis of 1979--but neglected to mention how President Khatami condemned it--the same Khatami who is now under a Judicial Ban--and how 90%+ of all Iranians abhor that day.   He reminded the Congress of the fact that Iran today dominates four Arab Capitals--but neglects key political realities on it     It was disconcerting how his reading and citation of recent history was selective at best.   

He discussed the "public disclosures" without divulging other details.     Whatever details he did disclose was already dismissed by the US Secretary of State although the President did note that he wants a 10-Year moratorium which has already been rejected by Iran.  
As we continue to assess the state of the Speech itself, we wanted to feature this very interesting "prebuttal" from the noted Scholar Professor +Juan Cole that laid out the stark profound differences between Iran and Israel:

He had no solution except advocating a change of behavior for Iran.   In the Monday edition of "Notations" here in #Outsider, we noted some of the questions that the grassroots are asking as well. It was quite striking as he noted how he sought peace even though he has done more to undermine peace with his policies in the West Bank and Gaza.   There is a PLO meeting beginning this week that will discuss the future of the Palestinian Authority as Israel has withheld tax money which prevents the PA from paying 180,000 employees.   

The Israeli Prime Minister was cheered some 25 Times during his speech as the wars in the Middle East rages on and as negotiations are continuing.     .    One of the things he had advocated was the war with Iraq which the region and the World continues to pay for even today as the Battle for Tikrit rages on.    We have reviewed reports of some 30,000 Iraqi and Militia Troops with support of Iran's Senior Commanders (including General Soleimani, the Commander of the Quds Force).    

As the wars rage on, at least the talks are continuing despite the profound headwinds.  The deadline is March 24 to reach the broad political framework--but Iran's new year is March 20.   There is not much time left.
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