Notations On Our World: On #ISIS/#Dayesh/#Israel & Other Thoughts (w/th late breaking developments from Israel)

It has been a busy morning yet again in our World as Iraq has begun a major offensive to take back territory from Dayesh.     We here @ #outsiders first saw reports on the Islamic Republic News Network as it headlined the head of the Quds Force of the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corp, General (Sardar) Soleimani leading a contingent of 5,000 men having entered Tikrit from five areas.    There was live coverage from Iranian correspondents right at the front lines.

Jordan's Monarch was ever so perceptive and eloquent as he spoke on CNN's Fareed Zakaria on Sunday and noted:

As the fight against Dayesh continues, there is the fight over the nuclear deal with Iran.   The Secreatry of State was aboslutely spot on when he noted this, "...You can't bomb away knowledge".   The Israeli Prime Minister seems to think otherwise as he spoke at AIPAC--and as he is gearing up for his pivotal Congress speech tomorrow.   Although Susan Rice and Samathan Powers spoke at AIPAC and the Israeli Prime Minister was deferential, the commentary by Al Jazeera's Marwan Bashara underscored the challenge faced right now:

The unconditional support for Israel will not change--and the World understands that.  The question is whether The Israeli Prime Minister's Move will help or hinder his re-election bid.     But this from Haaretz underscores a sense of reasonable reality that should be encouraged--but is not especially as The US Senate has just introduced new legislation spearheaded by the new Chair of the Foreign Relations Committee, Bob Corker of Tennessee, to have Congress have the final say on any Iran Deal:

This is as some key questions about Israel that Amnesty International's Sunjeev Bery asked that is even more pivotal: 
  • Why is Israel taking Palestinian land?
  • Why is Israel undermining Gaza reconstruction?
  • Why is Israel arresting nonviolent Palestinian protestors?
  • Why does Israel oppose international accountability? 
It will be interesting if Herzog--if he wins--is willing to take on the challenge of answering these questions and somehow a sense of sanity will prevail or not.

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