Notations On Our World: Iran's Former President is Banned

At a news conference by Iran's Deputy Chief Justice and Chief Spokesman for the Judiciary, former President, Mohammad Khatami, has been banned from his name being mentioned by the Media.  Media has been warned that if they name them, they're subject to sanctions. 

It is quite a development in also underscoring how he has been banned from leaving the country as well.   He's been implicated in the so called "coup of 2009"--also known as the Green Movement.  The leaders of the Green Movement, Mehdi Karoubi and Mir Hossein Mousavi along with Mr. Mousavi's Wife, Zahra Rahnavard, continue to be in detention.  This is as Ahmadinjead's Former Vice President was sent to prison for taking bribes--supposedly up to 1 Billion Dollars according.   
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