Notations From the Grid: On Our World & Other Thoughts

Afghanistan has somewhat dissipated from the headlines lately unless there is a bombing.  As we here @ #Outsiders were assessing our World, we saw reports of another bombing in Kabul.   The Iranian Embassy in Kabul was attacked and reports we saw reflected casualties.    As Foreign Forces are drawing down, the Taliban are continuing their attacks.   What is unfortunate is how the dreams and aspirations of the young is being lost in the shuffle.        This is also ever so true in Gaza as well.  The report by Lyse Ducete of the BBC was heart wrenching as she interviewed a family whose 1 year old Child had frozen to death.   

Beyond Afghanistan and Gaza, there is the plight of the Christians.   In our Daily Notations, We noted the latest transgession by the Merchants of Death of Dayesh (also known as the IS).   Amnesty International Latest report underscores the compelling challenge faced by an World that continues to struggle with overcoming the repeated violations of human rights and simple deceny.      It is also unfortunate as Ukraine and Russia are at loggerheads as Russia is continuing to again use the Gas Weapon as it supports the Russian Rebels and continues a relentless campaign of propaganda.    

One can't help but wonder whether we will see peace in our time?      
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