Notations on Our World: The Tragedy of Syria (Cont'd)

Three British Girls left London, traveled throuygh Turkey and are now in Syria.    The pleas of their families were left unheeded.   Reports we reviewed here @ #Outsiders apparently had these girls be "recruited" by well known jihadist recruiter  of Dayesh (spelled Daesh in Western Circles--also known as the IS).     It is just one of the daily tragic reports we review daily from Syria.

We have also been reviewing reports courtesy of the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights  (The Observatory) on the kidnapping of 56 Christians from Villages in Syria.      The daily reports by the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights is heart wrenching in the atrocities being undertaken by all sides as the #Outsiders seem to be ever so lost in the shuffle.     It is also of note that The Observatory has documented some 1601 Deaths since US-Led airstrikes began.   
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