Notations From the Middle East: A Blast From the Past: On #Rouhani the Voyager & #Iran

Iran is about to begin a new round of negotiations on the nuclear question.   Dr. Zarif is in Vienna right now:

We here @ "outsiders" took a moment of pause to reflect upon the year or so that President Rouhani has been at the helm navigating a very tough economic and political climate both inside and outside the Country as the war rages on in Syria, Iran deals with profound challenges in the border with Pakistan and the Taliban insurgency continues to rage on in Afghanistan.

His inauguration was a desire to somehow transform the Country:

The hope was ever so expressed as milestones were achieved.    The scenes of Dr. Zarif, the Foreign Minister, as he returned to Tehran and was mobbed by well-wishers underscored the desire of all for some sort of change.  But the dead-enders were at it in the Parliament and the Judiciary--and are continuing their efforts even today.      President Rouhani has been playing his cards close to his chest especially as he had to deal with impeachment of his Ministers and trying to at least somehow steer the economic path to some reasonable sense of stability.

Some further indication of his thinking has been about comments he made in this clip as he noted how some live in the "Stone age" and don't realize that the Country belongs to the people.   He also underscored how the need to open up the Country was not a matter of "if", but when as the debate raged on about how "unlslamic" 3G could be--even as the Developed World has been debating the merits of 5G.    He also during the same clip underscored the challenge faced as the World fights Dayesh (also known as the Islamic State/ISIL/etc.).   It was quite interesting that the Secretary of State referred to them as Dayesh or "Dash" which apparently shows that the State Department is opening up to the thinking on the ground in the Middle East on the sub human mutant thugs.  He also called for unity and togetherness as he spoke at celebrations commemorating the birth of the 12th Imam.     The clip below is in Farsi:

A true sense of the love Iranians have for the land and the culture is underscored by this clip and the scenes from the traditions, history & beauty of Iran underscores what Rouhani seems to understand--whether the dead-enders are able to stiffle him (as they did Khatami) is an open question.  As all enjoy the music and the images, some images will be familiar (including one Noble Laureate, an Oscar Winner and the winner of the top prize in Mathematics):

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