On Being Happy: The Essence of Life :-)

 It has been a wonderful Week-End of Service & Reflection.    I also found enough courage within me to register as a Bone Marrow Donor earlier today.   This is as I work away and release the "que'd up" write-ups.

I also made the "rounds" of the Social Grid and found this which underscores the simple yet crucial statement that is very much in line with what I envisioned my year to be--To Smile & Be Happy:

One is happy though knowing that one has loved.    Whether that love was not returned does not matter.    I also continue to be so moved by what Gandhi Ji noted when he said, "...He bows to all and despises none...".   It is probably another key to happiness.  With our outlook and view, we can truly change the World.   

 May we all be given the chance to do our part.....

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