Winding Down 2013: First in a Series: // Nine Recent Books That Capture a World in Flux

2013 is about to be relegated to the dustbins of history.    It has been quite a year as the World bid farewell to Madiba and the World continued to change before our very eyes.   It seems as if the World seems to continue to be ever so on the edge of the abyss as the carnage in Iraq is never ending and Central Africa continues to burn with what has been happening in South Sudan w/the insurgency led by its' former Vice President.

This is a nice compliation of those who tried to capture the challenges the World faced throughout 2013.   For those interested in World.  The writings are by some of the leadings lights of our World which lends crediblity to the true state of affairs today as we embrace a new year.    The question is where such truths will actually be listened to our not:  IPI Global Observatory - Nine Recent Books That Capture a World in Flux
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