On Iran: New Voyager | President Rouhani | Director: Hossein Dehbashi

President Rouhani of Iran just passed a 100-Day Milestone in Iran. Challenges continue in Iran as he continues to work to overcome the ravages of the past 8 years.    It is interesting how the extent of the mismanagement of the previous government is becoming ever so evident.   I wasn't really shocked when President Rouhani discussed what he inherited when he discussed this in an almost 2 hour interview.

A sense of optimism is clearly in the air as Iran is continuing its' diplomatic offensive epitomized by a Two Day Swing to three countries in the Gulf by the Foreign Minister Dr. Zarif.   A recent article in the Iran Pulse section of Al-Monitor noted how Dr. Zarif's deputies are either traveling somewhere or just got back from somewhere.   This beautiful video that President Rouhani's Staff has produced with English Captions underscores this sense of optimsim.      I was reminded of this admontiion from Pastor Osteen as he noted that, "...  There is a great future in front of you, you can leave your past behind..."   

Will the courage be there in this journey and can this New Voyager succeed?  Will the crazies give peace and reconciliation a chance?

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