Brief Personal Thoughts on The Eve of Thanksgiving :-)

I had the privilege and good fortune to assist in my local Catholic Church's Thanksgiving Project earlier today.   It was also such a joy to have my Son there to assist along with one of my Scouts from my local Troop.  .  A number of other Scouts also joined this morning of service.  

It was also gratifying to see the outpouring of love and affection by parishioners.    All volunteers pitched in over the course of a number of days to get things prepared.      We began the day with a prayer that was led by our Parish Priest, Monsingor Urell,  as we began this day of service. Some 115 families visited the parish to pick up their thanksgiving meals.  It gave me yet again a moment of pause to remember and reflect upon all that we have to be thankful for.   I was reminded of this as I gave a ride to one of the clients who was served.  She took the Bus and had to walk at least two blocks to reach the Parish.  

This Indian Classic from 2001 underscores what to be thankful for, appreciate and cherish our elders and recognize a sense of hopefulness that's out there.   Wishing all the very best on this joyous time...

Happy Thanksgiving !! :-)
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