Reflections On Zimbabwe & Iraq

Before I talk about Zimbabwe, let me talk about Iraq. There are a lot of reports on Iraq stating that Iraq is becoming safer. Although Iraq is becoming safer, the country is still in tatters. I tend to believe Nir Rosen and others who view Iraq as virtually existing in name only. In addition, many Iraqis have voted with their feet by leaving Iraq. For those who have remained, they have nothing to look forward to. There are no jobs, no healthcare system, no basic infrascturure to speak up per se because the government continues to exist in name only. There is of course the status of forces agreement negotiations that is continuing between Iraq's Government and the United States. It will be interesting to see what the Iraqi Government finally agrees to.

I wondered about Chalabi. I had not read about him for some time. Throughout my writings here, I have discussed him. Juan Cole (http://www.juancole.com) reports that he was in Tehran. He met with Ali Larijani, The Speaker of the Majlis (The Iranian Parliament). I could not confirm it through either the Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting or the Islamic Republic News Agency Website. This guy is the same fraud that was the greatest ally of the U.S. This is the same guy that Senator McCain pushed to have supported as the next George Washington. We've now come full circle. It is a total joke!!

Now, moving on to half-way around the world in Zimbabwe, Mugabe just took the oath of Office as President. I called it a coronation. As Mugabe takes the prize of the Presidency after the joke of an election, it appears the Africa is starting to assert itself and not be quiet anymore. We'll have to see how it goes. For the sake of the people of Zimbabwe who are hungry, unemployed and with no hope, I hope it changes.
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