The Bush Adminstration & Iran....Cont'd....

Seymour Hersh is reporting in the New Yorker (http://www.newyorker.com/reporting/2008/07/07/080707fa_fact_hersh) that the United States has escalated covert activity against Iran. It has entailed spying against its' nuclear capabilities and working to undermine the current folks who are in charge in Iran. If it is in fact true, I don't understanding the thinking in Washington. There is enough on the Administration's Plate without having to add additional strain to the issues. I am not really surprised since the Bush Administration does not seem to want to talk..only shoot its' way to a solution.

The Iranian IRGC Commander had an interview today threatening to wreck havoc on the Middle East if Israel attacked Iran. What I am afraid of is another massive miscalculation that would result in another Iraq. When will the Bush Administration wake up?
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