Lebanon Is Burning!!!

Lebanon went up in flames, again. Hezbollah pulled back from the brink when the Army intervened. The country has been without a President since late 2007. This instability has been caused by one thing and one thing along: The U.S. Invasion of Iraq and the 2006 Israeli invasion of South Lebanon. To this date, I can't understand why the United States stayed silent for almost a month while Israel destroyed South Lebanon.

The so-called New Middle East that the Secretary of State talked about is in flames. The Arabs, also, have to be ashamed. The so-called Arab Leaders are nothing but puppets. The good news is this: At least in Qatar, Bahrain, the UAE and to a lesser extent, Oman and Saudi Arabia, there is a a realization that oil won't last forever. But, our leaders don't seem to realize that and have floated ideas like a gas tax holiday. The world is changing...and I wonder if our present structures can cope with it.
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