Change...Can it be truly possible?

Barrack Obama is talking about change and how he is going to be different. He has gone after the President and Senator McCain by making sure that they understand that Patriotism is something that is not exclusive to the Conservatives. Although I was disappointed that he gave in to the corporate mass media criticism of wearing a flag pin, I still am waiting for him to totally and unequivocally repudiate all Presidential Signing Statements issued by George W. Bush so that a new era of transparency dawns so that the nightmare of the past 8 years is behind us. As I noted before, I am counting the hours until January 20, 2009 at 12:01 PM. Hopefully, it won't be President McCain...although he has promised he would be a different kind of President. But, George W. Bush promised us compassionate conservatism and look what it got us.

The struggle goes on.....
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