Iraq..Five Years On (Cont'd)

Tomorrow will the five year anniversary of the Iraq War. The Vice President made a surprise trip to Iraq and said that the effort was "worth it" and that there was "success". John McCain also said it as such. I am not sure what the Vice President is thinking or what he's smoking. The lies continue. While this deception continues, here at home, The California Department of Education announced that 20,000 staff members have received early termination notices. Yet, our esteemed leaders are sending over 10 billion dollars a month to Iraq. People keep dying...and my son's school has to hold recycling drives to raise funds for their school. The US Corporate Media has been silent. That silence is mind boggling. The same people were the ones whom , as Frank Rich said so well in his book, were so gong-ho. When will the hypocrisy end?

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Anonymous said...

"worth it" and "sucess" I'd like to see where? Are 4,000 lost lifes "worth it" and "sucess" to them? All the money our country has lost "worth it" and "sucess" to them? If so our country is heading for BIG trouble. Bush has ran this country into the ground, it is going to take a huge miracle to get it back to what is once was, or even close.