The Democratic Battle

Well, voices have arisen for Senator Clinton to quit. I can understand President Clinton's E-Mail pledge request yesterday when he said that the battle is still potentially winnable. The problem I have is that the more this battle goes on, the Republicans are going to take advantage of it. I am reminded of that scene in the Rob Reiner Film, the American President, when Michael Douglas said that the two key things that helps wins elections are the blame and the fear game. The Republicans are masters are it. John McCain has been at it when he accused the Democrats of raising the white flag of surrender. In addition, John McCain also has basically said that people are on their own and cannot expect any help on mortgage relief, on health care and on education. I am sure that Senator McCain and his surrogates will disagree with this blanket statement. But, the facts are the facts. Of course, I don't think Senator Obama's speech about blaming Bill Clinton's Presidency for the economic predicament helped matters earlier this week. The Republicans did a fine job of blaming everything on Bill Clinton.

Now, what does the future hold? I am very very pessimistic. Let's see what this week brings about.

By the way, Iraq went through another five days of renewed violence. Motagda Sadr did order his figthers of the streets and as the BBC said, preserved his army. But, the so-called progress that the Bush Adminstration has been peddling turned out to be a hollow claim. In addition, there is word that the troop drawdown will slow down. When will Mr. Bush be held accountable?
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