Another Interesting Week...With Our Esteemed Vice President & Other Tidbits

Our esteemed Vice President is on a tour of the Middle East to help push the so-called Middle East Peace launched at Annapolis. He visited Israel and voiced support (Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7310012.stm, retrieved March 22, 2008). I don't truly understand how the United States can have any credibility at all after what has happened in Iraq, the regimes that have little or no semblance of democracy (with the exception of Kuwait) and the fact that Gaza continues to suffer. I understand the need for Israel to be secure. Israel's right to exist is non-negotiable. However, Israel must adopt a way to disarm the very reason that Palestinians should pick up arms. But, at some stage, there needs to be peace. The last seven years has been a total waste. Only one man is ultimately to blame: George W. Bush. How can George W. Bush say that Iraq is a success when mortars just landed in the Green Zone? (Source: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/middle_east/7310173.stm, Retrieved March 22, 2008). There is of course Juan Cole and his reporting on what is actually going on. He reported today that the Awakening Movement is on the verge of striking because its' fighters have not been paid in a while. Professor Cole has documented a number of issues that should be of concern. But, of course, the Bush Administration will not listen to voices of reason.

As the train wreck continues, there was also a story in today's Financial Times regarding the latest push against Iran. They're trying to shut down Iran's Financial Sector. They have said that the entire banking sector is off limits. Now that they have destroyed Iraq, they're after Iran now. But Iran is not Iraq. Iran is a more formidable adversary. But, Iran does have its' profound challenges. The vaunted Iranian military machine is vulnerable. The Iranian Navy was destroyed (according to certain reporting in Jane's Defense Weekly). The Air Force is not as modern--although a lot of investment has been made. But, the key players in the Iranian Regime are not fools. They have been at it for almost thirty years. The current Supreme Jurisprudence, Ali Khameini, has been in charge of Iran for almost twenty years. (By the way, I like what Juan Cole calls it, not what the rest of the world calls it..Supreme Leader...because that is in fact his role with the literal translation of Farsi). He has made enough mistakes to understand what it takes to hold the country.

Our world is in a state of flux. I am fearful for our world...and wonder about its' viability.

The struggle goes on....

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Israel doesn't have to do anything to mollify the palestinian arabs.

It's they who start the conflict and it's they who will decide to stop it.

emanuel appel