Iowa...and all the possibilities.....

Well, Iowa is now over and some things have become clearer. The campaign for the day after George W. Bush has begun..and not a day too soon...

Barrack Obama won the Gold for the Democrats, (As Mitt Romney called it) but John Edwards showed that he's in it for the long haul. Chris Dodd and Joe Biden are pulling out. If a Democrat wins the White House in 2008, that Democrat will be crazy not to consider these two outstanding Americans for Secretary of State, Attorney General or Secretary of the Treasury. I think that it will be a competitive race at least for a while yet on the Democratic Side.

I think the Democratic Party will be stronger for it and will be able to effect the change that is necessary for us all. What is going on now cannot continue. As John Edwards said, we're a better country than to tolerate people with no health insurance, allow children to go to bed hungry and allow over 200,000 veterans to be homeless. Yes, Mitt Romney, there are two Americas and we have to bridge the gap for the sake of the future.

I am not impressed by the Republicans nor particularly care for them because of what they have done to this country over the past eight years. I admit I was surprised when I saw Mike Huckabee win Iowa. I think at least Iowa showed that even the Republicans are looking for more straight talk and fresh ideas...or at least a fresh face, not more of the same. The struggle is on for the future of America and to a large extent, the world. America still matters and everyone needs to realize that.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Mike

I agree with you there must be change.As a resident of massachusetts i know first hand of how mitt romney operates. If he becomes president I think we would be in big trouble. While I am not big fan of either party I think we are in need of a big change as the bush administration has only helped the rich and the corporations who are lining their pockets with money. I like your blog site.

Tony Layman