We can't seem to get rid of Karl Rove...and why we need to change

As I have continued to think about the upcoming election, I continue to be worried about the misstatements, the arrogance and the absolute disregard for the law. This story I ran across below is another example of the absolute disregard being shown for us. I realize that when someone accepts a high office, it requires sacrifice. But, the commitment to serve must not be undermined by the total absolute disregard for us. If what I have noted below does not provide the impetus for change, I don't what does.

Source: CRN, 12/10/2007

"A top Bush administration official in charge of
probing Karl Rove's White House Political Activities
is alleged to have improperly deleted all of the data
on his office PC by means of a seven-level wipe
conducted by a 1-800-905-GEEK technician.
Scott heads the office of Special Counsel, which is investigating
possible Hatch Act Violations by Karl Rove when the ex-deputy
White House chief of staff served in the Bush administration.
Bloch himself is under investigation by the U.S.
Office of Personnel Management, whose investigators
say Bloch "erased all the files on his office personal
computer late last year, " according to a Wall Street
Journal report last week."

The struggle continues....
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