Mr. Cheney is at it again....

Mr. Cheney is the Vice President of the United States. He ought to be given due respect for the high office he holds. However, he has lied to me repeatedly. He forgets that he works for me. Now, he apparently made a speech saying that "Iran will face consequences...". Well, Mr. Cheney is the man who was one of the culprits that led us to the Iraq fiasco. Now, he (and the amen crowd led by Fox News, The Right Wing Cabale of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy, the American Enterprise Institute and the rest of them) wants us to buy off on a strike against Iran. He does not understand that Iran is not Iraq.

Although the National Iranian American Council has made great inroads in countering the warmongers in Washington, it is not enough. I only pray that the American People will continue to be vigiliant, vibrant and hold the government accountable. Sanity and common sense should prevail. The question is: will it?
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