Another Interesting Week......

It has been an interesting week, to say the least....

First of, the Carnage in the Middle East continues. The daily challenges of Iraq has largely fallen off the "mainstream" press. Right now, it is the Turks and the Kurds that is causing the greatest challenge. The Kurds just killed 12 Turkish Soldiers. What bothered me was Talabani, Iraq's President, telling the PKK guerrillas to lay down their arms or leave Iraq. What further bothered me was Barzani, the Kurds' Iraqi leader, saying that the kurds will defend against any Turk Incursion--as if the Government in Baghdad did not exist. To me, they are both hypocrites. They are hypocrites simply because the Kurdistant Regional Government is an independent country in every regard but name only. To add insult to injury, Talabani said that the Turks have no right to invade Iraqi Kurd territory. Well, the United States took the lead on the doctrine of pre-emption. Therefore, Talabani has no credibility whatsoever to discuss this.

Benazir Bhutto went back to Pakistan and was almost killed. Pakistan is on the brink and whether it can be saved remains to be seen. One thing is for sure: the killing in Pakistan is but another example of the side effect of the "war on terror" that has unleashed so much anger and frustration that can't be contained that easily.

As for the economy, it seems to be going downhill. There was a massive sell off on Friday. This is also the 20th anniversary of the 1987 stock market crash. The housing market correction is set to continue..and I'm not ashamed to say that I am worried to death.

The struggle does continue....and it is a valiant struggle indeed!!!

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