Boyden Gray is Mad!!!

I listened to C. Boyden Gray, The US Ambasssador to the EU, being mad and frustruated. He was being interviewed on the BBC on the eve of a White House Conference on the Environment earlier today. According to Ambassador Gray, this is in conjuction with the UN efforts. He claimed that the U.S. is taking the matter very seriously. I find such comments laughable. The record is quite different. "Voluntary" goals will just not work. How come Norway got away with the Carbon Tax, yet we can't.

At the same meeting, The Secretary of State stated that "the status quo is not acceptable". I agree with her. We have to start now. There is no tomorrow. But the Adminstration does not have the crediblilty to do anything about it. The world has already leaped ahead and the U.S. has been left behind. This is reality.
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