Pat Tillman

Today was another sad day. The hyprociy and the lies once again exposed how the Bush Adminstration has misled us for so long. From what I was able to gather, Pat Tillman was killed by Friendly Fire and at least Four Generals knew about it. When I heard Pat Tillman's Mother earlier, I wondered how far this cover-up went. I did not doubt for a minute that the Adminstration was anxious to move the spotlight away from Abu Gharib. It needed a Hero...just like it built up Jessica Lynch. The worst thing I heard was that A grieving mother was told by Defense Department Officials that she was rude. As a parent, I would want to know the truth. I know that I would not be nice and would be fighting for the truth. I would not care who got offended in the process. Pat Tillman was indeed an example for us all. He gave up a life of privilege to serve. He must always be remembered for that. How this ultimate sacrifice was manipulated should never be tolerated.
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