The President on 60 Minutes & Other Thoughts

I saw the President on 60 Minutes. He has decided on the plan and I respect that. But, what bothered me was the arrogance. When Scott Pelley asked him that his poll numbers were down and whether it bothered him, he said it didn't. It seems to me that he should be worried about the consequences of his decisions. I believe that he should follow his conscious, but not at the expense of the country. We have been set back considerably. I find it amazing that the President's men work to sell a policy where their own crediblity is so suspect at best.

My friends on the right, though, think that we should not question the President's decision. The most extreme comment came from Mr. O, Bill O'Reilly. He attacked the questioning Senator Boxer of California posed to Secretary Rice. And of course, later on Fox, The Secretary said that the reason Senator Boxer asked the questions was to question the fact that she had no children. I listened to the interchange and it was not that at all. Many Young Americans are dying who come from small town America. The war has gone on for too long. The President stated that others do not have a plan. Well, the Baker-Hamilton group had a plan, many others have had a plan. But, the President rejected them.

I conclude by once again expressing my thanks to Senator Chuck Hagel. His willingness to speak up for what is right no matter what is what this country needs. The need to have genuine debate is ever more important. This is crucial for the sake of us all.
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