A Tribute to a Patriot

This is a long-delayed tribute to the King of Thailand, His Majesty King Bhumibol. The King has been on the throne in Thailand for over Sixty Years. He has lived through many coups, seems to have understood what is best for his country and his people. He has worked tirelessly to insure that the People of Thailand have better lives. When the coup occurred, he was silent. There was some analysis (one of them I read on the BBC), that said that he approved. It turned out that he approved it because he felt that the Prime Minister had truly abused his power. But, the key to the King's success was his true understanding of the mood of the people and the genuine affection that the people seem to have for him. It is an affection that I am certain other leaders in the world would be envious of. I wish him continued success and good health in his service to his people and the Thai Nation.
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