Interesting Development in Iraq

Well, this is today's dispatch from Iraq. The kurds have always wanted their own country. Kurds are agitating in Iran as well. If a Kurdistan emerges, it will potentially de-stabilize Iran, Turkey and Syria. I am sure that our wise policymakers in Washington have possibly foreseen this. There has been many sacrifices by many people for this war. The President says we are in it to win. But at what cost?

Dispatch to follow:

Meanwhile, progress on Iraq's new constitution ran into another snag as Iraqi Kurds threaten not to back down from demands for a federal state despite problems this may create in meeting an Aug. 15 deadline that U.S. officials are pushing.
Massoud Barzani, head of the Kurdistan Democratic Party, also said Kurds would never dissolve their militias and repeated demands for the return of ethnic Kurds to the oil-rich Kirkuk area from which tens of thousands of them were expelled under
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Barzani's comments, broadcast by Al-Arabiya television, indicated the Kurds are standing firm on longtime demands at a time when the United States is urging all sides to compromise in order to finish the new constitution by the Aug. 15 deadline.

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