Notations From the Grid (Special M-End Edition): On How @ordinaryfaces Make a Difference

It is the dawn of Labor Day Week-End here in the United States as we wanted to feature a snapshot of what MOAS does --ordinary faces making a difference as we go dark for the Labor Day Week-End here in the United States:

This month we have continued our Flood and Water Safety Training in collaboration with IOM and UNHCR where our volunteers have been learning more about keeping their communities safe within the camps during monsoon season. The success of the rescue of 14 year-old Nur last month has also inspired the volunteers in their training as the incident demonstrated how life-saving the skills they are acquiring can truly be.

Amidst conflict and political tensions, aid deliveries in yemen can be an extremely challenging endeavour particularly in light of increasing violence in the region. We are therefore delighted that this month has seen the start of distribution of
 Edesia's nutritional supplements in Aden by our fantastic in-country partners, ADRA. We are now looking forward to the commencement of the pharmaceutical distribution in the next month

This August, MOAS was also granted special consultative status by the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and we now look forward to working together to promote collective action on global challenges! We were also honoured to be named Global Impact's Charity of the Week at the start of the month. 

Thank you to all our supporters, as none of our work would be possible without your ongoing commitment to the alleviation of suffering of the world's most vulnerable displaced communities! 

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