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It is July 4 as our team has been gearing up for the 3rd Quarter.    Please enjoy this first edition of "View of the Week" for our Ordinary Faces Channel courtesy of the team at Common Dreams:

 Howard Zinn’s July 4 Wisdom Stands the Test of Time
by Howard Zinn'Is not nationalism—that devotion to a flag, an anthem, a boundary so fierce it engenders mass murder—one of the great evils of our time, along with racism, along with religious hatred?'
 'Scary as Hell': Trump Response to North Korea Sparks Fear of Escalation
by Jake Johnson"We are literally at the point were we have to hope that a guy who is obviously crazy, Kim Jong-un, is less crazy than the U.S. President."
 Trump's Phony Patriotism Clashes With the Radical Roots of America the Beautiful and the Pledge of Allegiance
by Peter Dreier & Dick Flacks"Most Americans are unaware that much of our patriotic culture—including many of the leading symbols and songs—was created by people with decidedly progressive sympathies."
 Justice for Omar Khadr: Child Detainee to Receive Apology, at Least $10 Million From Canada
by Jessica CorbettThe former child prisoner will be compensated for abuses he suffered while he was detained by the US in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay
 Kobach Under Fire as Pushback to 'Repugnant' Voter Data Demand Swells
by Andrea GermanosTrump's vice chair of "voting integrity" commission stands accused of violating Hatch Act
 'We Will Be Fearless': Teachers Vow to Defend Students From Trump and Devos
by Jake Johnson"I do not trust their motives. I do not believe their alternative facts. I see no reason to assume they will do what is best for our students and their families."
 Patriotism in the Trump Era
by Katrina vanden Huevel"Protest, too often, has been deemed unpatriotic."
 Payroll Data Shows Wider-Than-Average Gender Pay Gap in Trump White House
by Julia ConleyMost high-paying White House jobs are filled by men, report shows
 Moral Injury of War and the Invisible Wound of Empire
by Nozomi Hayase"Every time we shield memories of our own aggression upon our fellow man through historical revisionism, denial and deflection, we forsake the young whom our society sacrificed in its self-righteous suicide."
 The Trump-Putin Meeting and the Fate of the Earth 
by Norman Solomon"A war between the world's two nuclear superpowers could extinguish human life on a gigantic scale while plunging the Earth into cataclysmic 'nuclear winter.'"
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