Notations From the Grid (W-End Edition): On Our World (Courtesy Global Citizen)

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The Global Citizen Guide to Education
June 23, 2017, Newsletter
Global Citizen Stories
It's Official: The US Is Now a 'Second Tier' Country
The results are in. The US is now seriously lagging behind in social progress and environmental issues, according to this annual index.
Her Name Was Nabra Hassanen
She was a 17-year-old American Muslim teen, she was hanging out with friends after evening prayers, and she was killed this week outside of a mosque.
The Important Message Behind France’s Elections
France returned to the polls this week to elect its new parliament. The results sent a clear message to the rest of Europe – and to the rest of the world.
This Is Why Men Catcall Women – According to Men
Don’t worry! Men have an explanation for why they harass women – and it’s just as infuriating and unacceptable as you’d expect.
9 Battles LGBTQ People Are Still Facing in the US
This week marks the second anniversary of the Supreme Court striking down gay marriage bans across the country – but the fight for equality is far from over.
Finally! New York Has Outlawed Child Marriage
Yes, until this week, child marriage was still legal in New York – and it continues to be legal in many states throughout the country.
This Texas Mosque Went Up in Flames
But after the fire was put out, the Muslim community in Victoria, Texas, began rebuilding and healing through acts of love and compassion from around the world.
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