View of the Week: On Fighting Hate

We are pleased to feature this courtesy of the organization Stand With me as they continue their efforts to fight hate, strengthen hate crimes and work on overcome discrimination in all areas with action items for us all.   It provides an indication of grass roots organizations striving to make a difference on a constant and consistent basis.  

How can religious groups or immigrant populations (and their allies) be effective advocates especially when they are small in number? That's a question we answered at our webinar this past week on how to advocate for stronger hate crimes and anti-discrimination protections with your elected representative.You can view the entire webinar here. Thank you to Poligon Education Fund for lending their expertise and to all of you who attended and donated to Stand With Me. We hope to continue bringing you similar webinars in the future. 

Your ACTION ITEMS for the week:
  1. Stand With Me will be at MIT in Cambridge, MA on May 1, we would love to see you if you are in town!
  2. Join the LGBT community in protesting hate crimes and hate incidents in New York (4/28).
  3. Take action and learn about actual things you can do this month to fight religious discrimination at this active-learning panel (Brooklyn 4/27).
  4. Report ongoing hate crimes or hate incidents using SwM's incident submission form.
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