On This Easter Sunday 2016....

Our team, at the behest of our founder, decided to be dark today in honor of Easter Sunday to remember and reflect upon this day.    However, the horrific bombing in Lahore Pakistan that we released on our Twitter Channel earlier today underscored the profound challenging times that is before us.

Earlier today, members of our team were in Irvine at the 3rd Annual Nowruz Festival in Irvine that showcases Iran.    This image was captured that we released to our Twitter Channel in support of Johnson & Johnson's Donate a Photo program.   One of the profound Community Outreach Efforts we were witness to were a Voter Registration Drive done by Volunteers to encourage civic participation by Iranian Americans.    It was such a beautiful day as we are pleased to feature this here today on this Easter Sunday 2016:

On behalf of the entire Outsider team, we wish all a wonderful week as we look forward to the opportunity to serve.

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