Notatios On Our World: As The First Quarter of 2016 Draws to a Close On #USElections2016; #Ethics & #UK

It has been quite an interesting fortnight in the US Political Scene with the most recent upheaval in the Trump Campaign as Mr. Trump's campaign manager was charged with Battery.  Mr. Trump strongly defended his Manager and asserted that he may even file charges against the now former Breitbart Reporter.  He also revoked his pledge to the support the eventual GOP nominee.   This is as both Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich also basically did the same at the CNN town hall that was held last night.    This was in sharp contrast to what the Speaker, Paul Ryan, noted recently that his office released earlier today:

Paul Ryan - Speaker of the House

Speaker Ryan: 'We need to raise our game'

March 30, 2016  |  Caleb Smith  |  http://spkrryan.us/1ZKR0wd
Exactly one week ago today, in a packed room of hundreds of millennials, Speaker Ryan delivered a speech on the state of American politics.  And while his prepared remarks were covered widely in the press, the majority of his time was actually spent answering questions directly from the audience. 
You can watch the full 20 minutes of Q&A here, but if you only have 35 seconds to spare, check out the video below, where Speaker Ryan calls upon political leaders to "raise our game," in order to preserve the American idea that our Founders created.
Click to watch the 35 second video

Who is it incumbent upon to introduce civility in American politics?
"The Founders created this new American idea. It's an amazing thing. Unprecedented. Never been done before. 
"Guess what? It's our job to preserve it.
"Sometimes today we see a politics that is degrading, a politics that's going to the basis of our emotions of what dis-unifies us, not what unifies us. 
"So here's our job: As leaders, we need to raise our gaze and raise our game and talk about ideas. Try to unite us, not prey on people's separations or their identities." 

This is as the Economic Forecast for the 1st Quarter in the United States is anemic at best in light of the profound challenges around the World.  

Beyond the shores of the United States, the UK Steel Industry seems to be on the brink of collapse with the decision by Tata Steel to seek strategic alternatives as we noted here late last night as we were monitoring developments.    It is also of note that the Welsh Assembly elections are coming up and the Welsh Assembly has been recalled to deliberate this.    The Labor Leader, Jeremy Corbyn, has asked for the UK Parliament to be recalled--a call that the UK Prime Minister has rejected.   The UK Cabinet is due to meet tomorrow to discuss this.

One more key focus point for us has been Israel as two leading Israeli Politicans have come under what has been deemed a "Severe Corruption Investigation" which potentially undermines a call by the Israeli Finance Minister for a Unity Government which our team released earlier to the #Outsider Twitter Channel.    

We have also been reviewing reports spearheaded by the +The Sydney Morning Herald  and the +Huffington Post  on the "Bribe Factory on how a corrupt network helped to nurture an oil industry over the past 20 years.    This is a company that has bribed the World.   The name of the company and the culprits are list of "who's who" and the expose is quite incredible.   

We leave all with this from +Jonathan Huie as we remain ever so hopeful on the eve of the new quarter:

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