Notations On Our World (WeekEnd Edition Part 1): On the latest on @GOP, @RealDonald Trump & Other Thoughts

As the United States was witness to Super Tuesday, Super Saturday was also held on Saturday March 5 2016 here in the United States.    Kansas, Maine, Kentucky, Nebraska along with Louisana voted in both Democratic and Republican Primaries.

Senator Cruz won Kansas and Maine and maintained some momentum on the delegate count.   Once again, Senator Rubio did not have a good night on all fronts as he apparently is betting on Florida as the Orlando Sentinel came out for him.   There was some analysis that said that Mitt Romney's speech somehow helped Senator Cruz as Senator Cruz underscored how he is fully prepared with his plan.   One interesting highlight of Senator Cruz' interview was his answer about nuclear accidents because his plans call for elimination of the Department of the Energy.   He said that such responsibilities will be transferred to other Federal Agencies as part of his quest to save 500 Billion Dollars.

The evening culminated with Mr. Trump holding an improtu news conference at one of his properties in Florida.   As he was being thankful to the people of Kentucky and Louisana, he continued with put downs for Senator Cruz by calling him a liar and by calling upon Marco Rubio to quit.   He called the Media the most dishonest people on the face of the planet and directly addressed the issue of Torture that he had called for and thereafter backtracked by noting that he would abide by the laws.  His rationale was   that #Daesh was not playing by the rules and as such Water Boarding and other illegal acts must be allowed to proceed.   He said he would "expand" the laws as some of the audience cheered him on.    He also talked about the Iran Deal and committed to getting to the bottom of the Levinson Case--who is still missing as he criticized the Iran Deal and how Iran got 100 Billion with nothing in return.    

During the same news conference, he touted his very large event in Florida.    The +The Sydney Morning Herald   reported on it:

Echoes of fascism as Trump demands pledge at rally

'He's an insane bigot': Louis C.K. takes aim at Donald Trump.
12:52pm Analysis: As Florida rally reached a crescendo, Republican frontrunner told crowd to salute and vote for him "no matter what".

This is the view from the World on it.    In addition, someone asked about The Levinson Case.    He also touted the fact that he is self-funding his campaign.      What was interesting was how John Oliver de bunked the myth of Mr. Trump's comments that our team commented on.     Beyond the Media Put down and the comments at hand, what has been of concern is what Mr. Trump has said about people who have railed against him.      There have been reports that the Ricketts has been bankrolling an anti-Trump effort and Mr. Trump has said for them to "watch it".      He also had the same view towards The Speaker of the House earlier.    

Challenging times indeed......

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