Notations On Our World (Week-End Edition): Quite A Quarter In Our World...

It is Easter Weekend here in the United States.   It has been quite a challenging week as our World was witness to the horror in Brussels and the US Presidential Campaign in 2016 took a very nasty turn.   Senator Cruz was accused in a National Inquirer article of having an affair.  He lashed out at Donald Trump and Donald Trump hit back hard.    This is as Donald Trump gave an extensive interview to the New York Times assessing his "Worldview".    What was especially notable was the list of advisors both candidates laid out that the New York Times analyzed and is available here for all to review.   US Candidates will be making the rounds of the US Public Affairs shows to make their case.  
The latest "snapshot" we just picked up courtesy of Real Clear Politics is noted below:

The Republicans are having the major battle next week as the Democrats just fnished voting in three states and it appears that Bernie Sanders has had a resounding win in Alaska and Washington.    

Europe continues to be under strain in light of the continued challenge with the refugees, the battle for Britain to stay in the European Union and the Open Borders agreement.     This ties in directly into the war against #Daesh.     We have also been assessing the War against #Daesh.   The Syrian Army has been making gains on the ground as it continues to make headway in the Palmyra Region.  The Iraqi Army has begun what is apparently the battle in Mosul.   There is also talk of again deploying more Troops to Iraq as the battle against #Daesh continues.    This is as Turkey continues to battle the Kurdish insurgency on its' home turf.   We found it of interest how Russia's English Language State Broadcaster, RT, undertook an investigation about secret Turkish Ties to the war in Syria in line with Turkey's policy to defeat the PKK under the hashtag #Justice4Kurds.   It was interesting as Sky News in the UK uncovered a massive dossier on #Daesh that it has periodically featured.   

We have also been assessing the state of the BRICS over the course of the quarter.    China finished its' annual sitting of its' parliament.  However, profound challenges loom as layoffs are beginning and the economy continues to cool.   There was an underground petition calling for the President's Resignation which led to the family of the key organizer being picked up.   Brazil is also on the edge of the abyss with impeachement moves against the President.  The same political challenges exist in South Africa as well as March saw Jacob Zuma again being under scrutiny over what was deemed the Gupta Affair    India seems to be the most stable of the bunch even though elections looms and an apparent nascent Student insurgency is continuing. 

One of our focus areas continues to be Iran ran has been celebrating the advent of the new year 1395.     We caught this very cute image from the eve of the Iranian New Year especially as it is Easter Weekend and all are on the hunt for Easter Eggs:

Iranian Leaders have also been quite busy.    The Supreme Guide (also referred to as the Supreme Leader in the West)  &  President gave their New Year Speech and the Supreme Guide laid out some interesting marks which the team has been assessing in light of the profound realities on the ground right now and especially as the new Parliament is about to take office.   They have also been on the road  as President Rouhani began the new year visiting Veterans, went off to the Kish Free Zone in the Persian Gulf and was in Pakistan meeting with Pakistan's Leadership including the Chief of the Pakistan Army, Prime Minister and President:

was also quite a quarter as we were on the virtual road with President Obama as he went to Cuba and Argentina on a ground breaking trip.    There was controversy over what the President did s the World grieved over Brussels.    Here are some of the images as the President received a briefing on it and the Vice President visited the Belgian Embassy in Washington:

President Obama speaks with PM Charles Michel
The Bidens sign the guestbook at the Belgian Embassy

Vice President Biden's Thoughts spoke for all around the World, "..."Remember the incredible courage of the Belgian people during World War II. The incredible stamina. Nothing's changed. On behalf of the President, I can say that we are prepared to provide any and all information, capability, technology – anything we have that can be value-added to their fight. And they will prevail. They have backbones like ramrods … they’re not letting terrorism win.".."

This was the scene that mattered as the President visited the Argentine memorial honoring the dirty war that was sponsored by the United States and acknowledged this fact:


As We look to the second quarter here in #outisders, we wanted to wish all a Happy Easter...

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