Notations On Our World (Special Edition): An #Outsider Newsflash On the Latest on The US Political Scene (Updated)

The Trump juggernaut is continuing as we went to press. He has won a number of pivotal states and earlier tonight took the podium as one of his properties in Florida. It was interesting how he made it a point of showcasing the steaks, the Water and the Magazine in direct refutation of the pointers made by Mitt Romney in his speech. He also said he plans to resurrect Trump University after he wins his lawsuit.    He also was in his element as he repeatedly referred to Ted Cruz as "Lying Ted".  

 Here is the breakdown as reported by Real Clear Politics within the past hour--Although Idaho and Hawaii had not come in yet, it is increasingly becoming a two-person race for the Republicans (Updated:  Ted Cruz has Won the Idaho Republican Primary).   

Truly interesting times.....

Election 2016 March 8th
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