Notations On Our World (Special Edition): On #ParisAttacks, @GOP, @realDonaldTrump, #Happiness, #Nowruz & #Spring

We here @ #Outsiders  normally take Fridays to feature the Friday Musical Interlude.   As we will be releasing it throughout  our properties with a tribute to Frank Sinatra Jr., we are monitoring live developments from Belgium as operations are continuing that has resulted in the arrest of one of the most wanted men in Europe:  Salam Abdelslam.  He was apparently wounded in a shootout with Belgian and French Police.    There have been controlled explosions going on to clear things out.  It was of concern though that the most wanted man in Europe was on the run for 4 Months.   It will be interesting to see who has looked after him over the last number of months.   

Beyond this breaking development from Europe, we have also been assessing the State of  the US Elections.    Mr. Trump continues his march to the nomination as moves by the anti-Trump movement continues.   The Anti-Trump campaign includes the conservative firebrand Erick Erickson and the hacking group Anonymous.    We understand Mr. Trump took a few days off the campaign but granted interviews to US Media though as he noted that he would be going Hillary Clinton hard.   In an interview with Bill O"Reilly of Fox News, he talked about his attacks helped Bernie Sanders and "sunk" Hillary Clinton's numbers.   It was curious in our view to say the least since there is disdain for Mr. Trump.    The Fortune's Geoff Colvin captured the GOP Dilemma brilliantly earlier today:

Mitch McConnell may be putting himself in a corner. The Senate majority leader reiterated his pledge that the Senate would not consider Judge Merrick Garland or any other nominee for the Supreme Court until after the election. That position is starting to look shaky. Many Republicans have expressed admiration of Garland over the years, and most voters think the Senate should hold hearings and vote on his confirmation. At least a few Republican Senators who face credible challengers this year, including Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley of Iowa, have said they’re open to meeting privately with Garland, which McConnell has pointedly refused to do. Things could get worse. If Hillary Clinton is the Dem nominee and looks headed for victory in the fall, a plausible scenario, Republicans may decide they’re better off confirming Garland than leaving the matter to a new president, as they’ve advocated doing on principle. But then they’d look either spineless or unprincipled. Or they could stick to their position and let a President Clinton nominate someone. Not good options.
-At the other end of the Capitol, Paul Ryan’s job is getting even more demanding.Donald Trump for the fourth time in the campaign, this time for Trump’s warning that “you’d have riots” if the convention gave the nomination to anyone but him. When asked, Ryan also insisted firmly that he would not accept the nomination if the convention deadlocks. Though didn’t he say something like that last October about becoming Speaker? Ryan is doing an excellent job of remaining statesmanlike and playing the hand he’s been dealt. But this is a lot more than he signed up for.

Our view is that Senator McConnell has already put himself in a corner.

There is also one interesting development this week which we will be assessing over the ensuing weeks:  The Global Happiness Index was published earlier this week.      We have noted a link here for all to review.   Denmark topped the list.   The United States came in 13th.   There is a lot to digest and we will be discussing the elements of the report in the #Outsiders #Visions Property over the ensuing weeks.   

This weekend is also the first day of Spring and the official start of the Iranian New Year:  Nowruz (which means a good day).   We here at #Outsiders wish to extend our best wishes to all Iranians, Tajiks, Afghanis and all who celebrate this ancient tradition of renewal and hope.    We were reviewing reports from Iran as Iran pretty much shuts down for two weeks as heavy traffic is being reported.     It was of curious interests as Iran's Official News Agency reported on Nowruz Guidance by Khamenei's Office on the eve of Nowruz.     We will be assessing Khameini's New Year Message along with Rouhani's New Year Message and Khamenei's Sermon he typically delivers on the first day of the New Year (which is this Sunday) in the Shiite Holy City of Mashad to assess his thinking as the new year begins.   Canadian Prime Minster Trudeau's Greetings was quite nice and we're pleased to feature it here:

Happy Spring and to all who celebrate Nowruz:   Eid Shoma Mobarak

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