Notations On Our World: On the US Campaign Trail

Washington Constitutional Convention 1787

The voters in Michigan, Mississippi & Idaho  are voting today.     This is as the stop Trump movement continues to gather steam in a major way with all the others trying to be a viable second as the Republican National Convention comes closer.  

The annual World Forums sponsored by the American Enterprise Institute was done at a private resort off the Cost of Georgia.   There were tech giants there--including Apple's Tim Cook, Sean Parker of Napster and Facebook fame along with Elon Musk of Telsa and SpaceX.   Karl Rove was apparently there along with Senator Mitch McConnel and House Speaker Paul Ryan.    Based on reporting we saw, the topic of discussion was how to stop the Trump juggernaut.     This is as Lindsay Graham has apparently come around to being behind Ted Cruz as an alternative to Mr Trump during an interview of NBC's Meet the Press over the weekend.   Please click on here on the reporting done on this from
the Huffington Post.   

As this was going on, Mr. Trump released this Tweet on his status in Idaho yesterday:

As Mr. Trump continues his ascent, though, this was just reported on the Daily Beast which is available by clicking here.   It undermines what Senator Cruz noted about how certain media outlets are withholding reporting on Mr. Trump's Business Dealings.  This was as the President of Mexico likened Trump to Hiter--although Mr. Trump was dismissive of the comparison.   

Senator Graham was asked about Senator Cruz' achievements while in the Senate by the New York Times' David Brooks.    The answer was interesting--only noting reitrating how Cruz was a "true conservative".   Senator Graham was also asked about the Supreme Court Vacancy--and his response was quite curious:  I am my favorite person and I would not vote for me.     

It was in this context that our team found Professor Jonathan Turley's USA Today Column that was also published to his Website quite extra ordinary.   Here is the link on the need for a new "Revolution" as he called it.

With Mr. Bloomberg noting he has no chance, the roadmap is becoming a bit clearer.   Over 140 Delegates are at stake today as the pivotal March 15 comes about with Ohio and Florida.

What we find clear is this:  Truly interesting times...... 
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