Notations On Our World: On @GOP; @RealDonaldTrump & Other Thoughts...

On Mr. Trump in the Economist of London: http://tinyurl.com/jsqavz9

The results are starting to come in from "Super Tuesday"--also known as the "SEC" states.   What is clear is that the nomination is Donald Trump's to lose as we went to press.      Whether the so-called Establishment wing of the Republican Party is able to somehow stop Mr. Trump remains to be seen.   So far, nothing seems to.   As for his main rivals, Senator Rubio and Senator Cruz, it will be interesting to see how they fare tonight and whether they would win anything or not.   How emerging leaders like Senator Sasse of Nebraska will respond (who noted he's not a Politician when he was on MSNBC's Morning Joe Earlier this morning) will also be interesting to observe.

As for the Democrats, our view is that it is Mrs. Clinton's to lose despie Senator Sanders' very impressive showing--including a decisive win in his home state of Vermont.    Our view is that not withstanding the strength of primary wins, the challenge is the general election  

Truly interesting Times....

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