Notations On Our World: On a Good Day For International Law re: #Srebenica & @RealDonaldTrump

It has been quite a day in our World as  we have been monitoring reports out of the Hague as the former Bosnian Leader  Radovan Karadzic has been found guilty of multiple crimes against humanity and has imposed a 40-year sentence with credit for time served. underscores how International Law can be an effective and crucial tool for Justice.   As we're focused on Europe, we wanted to note that we have also been continuing to assess the aftermath of Belgium.   Belgium is in its' second day of morning as Senior Belgian Ministers offered their resignations in light of intelligence failures that led to the horrific day of death and destruction.  We have also been assessing the aftermath of the UK Budget Debate as George Osborne was before the UK Parliament on it.   

Beyond the Hague, it was also of interest as we have been seeing reports on the Syrian Army entering Palmyra and reports out of Iraq as the Iraqi Army has begun a push to retake Mosul.     President Obama has been continuing his trip of Latin America as he went on from Cuba to Argentina where he admonished Senator Cruz for his call to "patrol" Muslim neighborhoods.    Some of the reporting this morning from the @Washington Post  underscores the continued nervousness by Republicans on the continued fight over the nomination as reflected here:

The GOP — and its big funders — scramble to insulate Congress from Trump
The Koch political network may abandon Trump if he is the presidential nominee.

The ridiculous nature of the debate was underscored by the battle between Senator Cruz and Mr. Trump regarding their wives.  It was interesting how Senator Cruz' defense took a line from the Movie the American President which prompted another tweet from Mr Trump  as Senator Cruz also went after The New York Police Commissioner.     Senator Cruz was reminded by President Obama that Senator Cruz' Father escaped the very thing he was now advocating--surveillance of Muslims.    

Although we had noted that we will not be assessing the state of the US Political Environment with polls, we have come to realize that it is a crucial tool as we report the latest "snapshot" from Real Clear Politics:

The next major struggle is in Wisconsin on April 5 and our view is that Scott Walker will pull out all the stops to derail Donald Trump.   Our view is that there is going to be an increased chance of a contested convention even though Trump underscores the fact that he would secure it.   

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