Notations On Our World: On #Americas Watch w/ @realDonaldTrump & Other Thoughts....

It has been quite a week on the political front as the Trump Juggernaut continues and the so-called establishment within the Republican Establishment has begun a concerted effort to derail Mr Trump.   As we have been assessing this week, we just saw a new position on torture by Mr. Trump as he notee that he would be now in favor of following the law on Torture.    Torture is  illegal in the United States.

This was just a sampling of the developments on the "anti-Trump" movement that was quite a spectacle to be witness to as reported by the Guardian of London:   

As Mitt Romeny spoke, Trump hit back and hit back hard as reported by the Daily  Beast on the eve of the GOP Debate: 

Donald Trump responded to Mitt Romney’s speech Thursday during a rally in Maine, hitting the former Republican nominee by saying he would have gotten on his knees for the Trump endorsement back in 2012. “I am not a fan of Barack Obama and that was a race that I backed Mitt Romney, I backed him, you can see how loyal he is,” Trump said. “He was begging for my endorsement. I could have said, Mitt, drop to your knees, he would have dropped to his knees, he was begging. He was begging me.” At another point, he railed against Romney as a “choke artist” and said “chickened out” of running again in 2016.

Our team watched excerpts of the GOP debate as all tried to appeal to their constituecies  There are a number of very critical dates in the primary calendar that would determine the fate of Senator Rubio, Senator Cruz and Governor Kasich.     Governor Kasich noted as such when he said that the next batch of primaries are in his backyard as America and the World will continue to be subject to 4 months of intrigue and drama.   

As the GOP has been in its' feud, the Democrats are also continuing their quest.  Based on the wins by Mrs. Clinton, our view is that the nomination is Mrs. Clinton's barring any unforseen circumstance--an indictment or any other development.   The granting of immunity to the State Department Staffer handling the Clinton Email Server is a sign that th FBI is trying to get things wrapped up as there are reports that some 100 staffers are working on the case.     One thing we've found of special interest has been the apparent drop in Democratic turnout as reported by both the New York Times and Washington Post recently.    

We hope all are enjoying the show!!!

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