Notations From the Grid (weekend edition): On @realDonaldTrump; #Syria, #Iraq, Earth Day & Other Thoughts......

Welcome to the weekend here in #Outsiders.

We have been following developments on the US Campaign trail as news outlets throughout the World reported on the Trump Rally in Chicago:

Donald Trump's Rally in Chicago Canceled After Violent Scuffles


Protesters and supporters of Donald J. Trump confronted each other, screaming and shoving, at a campaign event Friday that was called off over security concerns.

 At an airport rally in Ohio , someone rushed the podium and Mr. Trump later claimed the person had ISIS Affiliation.    This is the latest on where things stand as 5 states go to the polls on March 15 as noted in +RealClearPolitics today:

Battle for the White HouseRCP Poll Averages
Trump36.0Trump460Trump41.0Trending Up
Cruz21.8Cruz370Rubio24.3Trending Down
Rubio18.0Rubio163Cruz18.6Trending Up
OhioNorth CarolinaIllinois
Clinton51.0Clinton1231Clinton62.5Trending Down
Sanders39.6Sanders576Sanders29.3Trending Up
OhioNorth CarolinaIllinois
General Election Match-Ups

We have also been assessing very disturbing reports on the war front in Syria and Iraq.   #Daesh has attacked with Chemical Weapons and The Iraqi Prime Minister has vowed retaliation.    Syria has apparently seen the downing of a plane by rebels.    

As we are continuing our on-going assessment, we wanted to finish this edition of "Notations" with a more hopeful note as Earth Hour is before us.     We hope all consider signing up for it as our team just did: 

Golden Gate Bridge

Less than three months ago, leaders from 196 nations signed a historic agreement in Paris to take collective action on climate change, clearly showing that we are at a turning point in our fight to cut carbon pollution.

Let's keep that momentum going with Earth Hour next week!

What is Earth Hour? Every year in March millions of people around the world celebrate Earth Hour by turning out their lights from 8:30 to 9:30 pm local time.

I'll be turning out my lights and hope you'll join me. Sign up for Mobile Action Team updates and get a text message reminder from me to turn off your lights on Earth Hour day.

Text HOUR to 69866 to sign up today.

You'll join our list of engaged mobile activists and opt in to receive text messages on the latest opportunities to help World Wildlife Fund protect wildlife and conserve nature.Standard messaging rates apply.


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